Wondering what actual Amazon shoppers who’ve tried this think? The following are reviews. 

This serum really works. It worked quickly and made me feel much more confident in my skin. My dark scars and blemishes are gone, so I have cut back on the amount of makeup I use. This serum is a great addition to my already glowing skin. My family and friends noticed the difference and wanted to know what I was doing different.

“Awesome! “Awesome! My cystic, constant acne was a problem at 38. I am very oily and my pores are clogged easily. Also, my skin is bi-racial. Seit April. I think I’ve had three pimples (all period related) that went away very quickly. It’s amazing. This product was applied at night, right after I had taken a shower. It dried quickly. It’s still good quality and I will not be returning for the next few weeks. It is very limited and I use it only occasionally. “I have never been happier with anything I purchased from this store or any other shop since…well, ever.”

This stuff works! I noticed a huge difference in my skin after only a few weeks. I am 60. My face is still being touched. My skin feels so soft, smooth, and moisturized. Don’t believe me? I am constantly told by my boyfriend how much my skin means to him, and how great it is! 

Results in just over one week. This serum has made a significant improvement in my skin’s appearance since I began using it. Many of my acne scars have disappeared or are in process of disappearing.

“I don’t write reviews so what do I really mean? The last 14 days have been amazing with this stuff. A huge, red bump appeared on my forehead which I was unable to identify. My diet was changed, I became more consistent in my nighttime skin care routines, and so forth. It just kept getting redder and more textured. This product has shown me amazing results since the day I began using it. It’s amazing how smooth and soft my skin feels now. Today, I no longer feel the need to use foundation. That’s an enormous sign that it works. My skin feels more balanced and my forehead is less irritated. We highly recommend that you give it a try. It has really helped my very sensitive skin, which is very dry.