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These are so exciting! They’re soft, stretchy and long-lasting. The thicker side makes it easy to fit on my large wrist. I’m so excited to have these at EDC to put my keys or chapstick. It’s so much easier to reach my wrist than going through the rest of my bag. It’s definitely worth it.”

“I love my new scrunchies! My hair is perfectly combed! It’s so convenient to be able to throw in my spare key and not have it go missing. The best part? It is soft and comfy! This is my favorite! These are the only things I will continue to purchase!”

I’m so excited for this product. I’m a sucker for scrunchies, and I hate it when there isn’t enough room. It’s a clever and innovative invention!

It’s great for training. My daughter enjoys going on hikes and runs with her dog. We want him to be safe. He isn’t even an attack dog. These were bought for her. These are great for keys, cash, and lip balm. You can also keep a little pepper spray inside. It’s also great for going out. Nobody wants to be carrying a purse around with them all night, especially since women’s clothes are not designed to fit into their pockets.

They are great! I purchased them for myself a little more than a year back. These have served me well at work, as I can keep my chapstick and debit card or license handy. My friend even got me one for Christmas. She loves to carry a purse everywhere, hates carrying a bag, and is always on the move. She’s obsessed!”

Perfect for traveling! They are perfect for travel! These hair ties stretch & wrap well enough to look cute around a ponytail with a few dollars in the zipper pouch. Also, comfortable on my wrist/my kids’ wrists!”

It is super comfortable, and offers more room than you might think. I love that zippers work with scrunchie!

These were a hit with everyone! These are perfect for concealing small items when we travel with our family.