You were probably born in the 1990s and have slapped your forehead in horror at both your hands. 

These are facts, sorry. 

This was the reason it became so beloved Macaulay culkin‘s portrayal of intrepid—and perhaps a touch psychotic—Kevin McCallister, an 8-year-old from the Chicago suburbs whose parents weren’t the best at keeping track of their outsized brood, that 30 years after All You Need is HomeHis signature move, which was released on Nov. 16, 1990 is instantly recognisable. It is a good reason to forgo aftershave.

And that’s not the only thing that keeps John Hughes‘ instant classic, about an elementary school kid teaching two, largely incompetent, career criminals what happens when they don’t get their ugly, yella, no-good keisters off his property, firmly at the top of holiday movie watcher’s wish lists. 

This box-office hit (it held No. The box office sensation (it held the No. 1 spot for twelve weeks and earned more than $476 millions worldwide) might lack realism. Yes, Kevin’s antics could have been fatal. Joe Pesci Daniel SternIt’s relevance today in our uber-connected world. However, it is filled with one-liners every millennial can still remember today. And the laugh-out-loud moments still smack as hard as a grown man getting his face smashed in by a can of paint.