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7 JulyZendaya He was seen visiting boyfriend Tom Holland The set of the upcoming Apple TV+ series The Crowded RoomCelebHomes News photos of New York City. This is the Outing. EuphoriaStar was seen wearing a black crop top and matching trousers.

Zendaya is often seen supporting Tom behind the scenes in their respective projects. After all, their love story did blossom on a movie set when they co-starred together in the Spider-Man franchise. Initial reports of rumors were denied by the pair during the Spider Man’s HomecomingThe era, but their most recent Spider-Man movie, There is no way homeThey had already publicly declared their love. Tom revealed that Zendaya visited him many times as he promoted the film. Euphoria Season two.

Tom stated that he was “dumbly sent to visit” in IMDb’s December 2021 video. Euphoria at least 30 times this season.”