Don’t forget about winter George R.R. Martin says ChangeComing to the Game of Thrones universe. 

A renowned author of GOTIt is difficult to write novels Winter’s WindsThis is the penultimate series title. Fans were able to see the truth behind his words and he revealed that all of his writing is related back to garden.

“I’ve been working in my winter gardening. Martin posted a blog post on July 8, stating that things are constantly changing and growing, just as happens with gardeners. Things change and twist. I get new ideas (thanks, muse), while old ideas are no longer viable. “I write, I revise, I structure, I tear everything apart and rebuild again. It is a journey through doors that leads nowhere and open to marvels.

As he uses his literary green thumb, Martin said he’s found himself straying from the events depicted on the Game of ThronesThe series ran between 2011 and 2019.

He said, “What I’ve noticed lately, however is that my gardening has taken me farther and further from the television series.” Some of the things that you saw on HBO were true. Game of ThronesAlso, you’ll see it in Winter’s Winds (though maybe not in quite the same ways)…but much of the rest will be quite different.”