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You’re likely to have seen these brightly colored water bottles all over the place. These water bottles come with time markers that indicate when it’s best to take a break. They also have encouraging and uplifting messages such as “Remember your goal”, “Keep chugging” or “Don’t lose heart” which will help you drink enough water. While staying hydrated is important year round, it’s even more so now that it’s summer since we tend to lose more fluid through sweat. 

Lucky for us, Amazon just put some of these shopper-fave motivational water bottles on sale and the discounts are really good!

For instance, Venture Pal’s half gallon water bottle with 4,000-plus five-star reviews is on sale right now for just $9. Considering the original price is $21, you’re getting a really good deal. However, this is not the only water container on sale. 

Here are some great deals Amazon has right now on motivational water bottles. You can check them out here.