Wondering what actual Amazon shoppers think of these affordable tote bags? The following customer reviews are available.

This bag was purchased in gray to be used for travel. The bag is far more comfortable than I thought and it’s a great choice for travel. This product seems sturdy and durable. The pocket inside is great for storing small things like my phone, gum, and headphones. The added bonus is, it’s not only beautiful and fashionable, but also lightweight and easy to carry.”

This bag is perfect for ladies who want to carry all of their stuff for an affordable price. Super cute!”

“Ordered this because I needed a bag nice enough for a wedding but big enough to carry a ton of crap to keep my son entertained, and I didn’t want to spend a lot because I likely wont use it much. It was an excellent deal and it is very nice for its price. This bag doesn’t seem or feel as inexpensive as it really is. This bag can hold enough stuff to carry a variety of items. It was big enough for me to store snacks, color books, water bottles, and my large wallet.

“Best bag ever! It was a random purchase. I get so many compliments, I bought other styles and colors. This is a very comfy shoulder strap, it doesn’t slip, and it comes at a great price. I just purchased 2 more fall colors. Coach bags and Michael Kors bags are my favorites, but this bag I love to use every day.

This bag is amazing. I don’t usually give any reviews, but it was awesome! The bag is a great bag and I love it.

“I found this from TikTok and fell in love. This reminds me a lot of Kate Spade, Michael Kors. It is very girly and spacious. To top it all, I added charms outside!”

The bag costs more than I anticipated for its price. The bag is cute and stylish. It also feels very comfortable. Although I am a big fan of MK handbags, this bag is a great choice! The bag can be used multiple ways and is large enough to carry around. The dark pink version is what I plan to get. Why not, at that price?

“I ordered two of these bags and I love them. These bags are simple, with a snap closure and a pocket inside. However they can hold a lot of things. They are so much fun! I just ordered six more, that’s how much I love them! Take advantage of this great deal and get some!