These designers can make fashion if they want. AndAll will have access to it. 

As New York Fashion Week continues, some observers may be hesitant to believe that the looks they see on the runway could actually be put into their closet. Black designers are determined to revolutionize the fashion industry by presenting bold looks and making great pieces accessible for all. 

Find out more Renée GreensteinWith her Women With Control line of fashion, available via QVC. She has enjoyed great success. Whether you are an extra small or 5X, this fashion designer believes every consumer should feel confident in clothing.

“My shoppers, or as I call them ‘Wardrobe Warriors,’ know that my mantra, ‘Style is not about size, it’s about attitude,’ is not just something that I coined,” she told CelebHomes News. I believe all women should feel beautiful just the way they are. 

A designer that felt absolutely fabulous in this year’s fashion show was Project Runway finalist Chasity Sereal. The debut of her first collection by the Houston-based fashion designer at NYFW was captured earlier this month. Chasity was a Black designer and found it not only memorable, but essential. 

CelebHomes News’s She said that “I was able express myself freely without restrictions and I am truly thankful for that opportunity.” “Choosing to use all Black models to tell the story of my collection, ‘Rebellious Reflection,’ was a proud moment because when I stare at my reflection, these are the women staring back at me. It was a moment in fashion where Black women were the majority instead of the minority and I couldn’t be more proud of what I have accomplished on a stage as big as Project Runway.”