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It is very soft and comfortable. I absolutely love it. It is perfect for lazy days. And it looks great in my class. I washed and put it in the dryer and it didn’t shed like I anticipated. This purchase was a success!

“Awesome jacket! It is soft, lightweight and can be moved around easily. The jacket is soft and feels exactly like the way I picture cuddling unicorns. Heaven.”

It is much more comfortable than it appears. It was elegant, and the feeling it gave me when I went out for dinner. It was almost like having a fluffy, soft blanket. This is what I love to wear in winter.

It’s like having a pet teddy bear. You can layer it over and under any jacket and it’s soft and warm.

I love the jacket. Although I wasn’t certain how the jacket would be made, it is super soft and just what I needed. It fits perfectly in my large size. It is extremely warm.

“Perfect. “Perfect. It fits perfect after reading the reviews. It is so soft and cuddly. This product is highly recommended.”