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“I bought another pair of boots because I’m a mom to hockey players and didn’t want them again. These boots fit perfectly! The boots have a great lining. These boots are fantastic. I was able to keep my feet warm during long hours of playing hockey at a cold rink.

They are very comfortable and look great. These boots are not only cute but they also keep my feet warm and dry.

Wow, these are super comfy! Chicago is my home and I go every morning to the dog park. Winter can be very cold in Chicago and sometimes the ground freezes to death. I have worn them for days, paired with wool ski socks, and my feet are always warm. These shoes are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time and provide excellent traction on frosty surfaces.

“I’ve used them shoveling snow and walking my dogs, as well as driving. I was beyond thrilled with them. The boot has good mobility in the ankle and enough support that my feet were not hurt. This boot is my new favorite.

So, my feet are ridiculously broad and flat. Like, I have NEVER encountered a pair of shoes that aren’t specifically sized wide that fit my feet. Wide winter boots are hard to find. I ordered these boots on a whim, 100 percent expecting that I’d have to send them back. OMG — you guys! They fit! These socks fit well with thick socks I’m amazed! They’re comfortable! I walked two miles in them with no discomfort! Also, they’re way cuter than I expected and I stepped in a massive puddle and my socks stayed dry. We give them two thumbs up!

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