These reviews are from Target shoppers who need to be convinced before shopping. 

Mad Love Marni Jelly Slide Shoes Reviews

Target customers said that they get the “cute 90s look for a lower price than the Gucci one.”

Another said, “I was searching for a comfy and cute heel that I could wear to concert. So glad I found these!” These were the perfect shoes for all of that night. I brought my mentor along to the show. She thought that they looked like Gucci when she first saw them. These are like her Gucci. They are so great that I bought the pink pair again. My mentor also said that she will be buying a black one for me at Target. A 6 is what I wore, and I got a 6. Excellent fit.

Another shopper raved, “I Love These!” These were the first thing I noticed and I immediately wanted them. These were in baby pink so I bought them! These are super comfy and they look just like Gucci’s for a fraction of the price!

These are more than cute. They are also very comfortable. “I wore them all day at work standing up and they were never uncomfortable,” said a customer.

Another person said, “I am blown away!” These fit perfectly on my wide-footed feet. It’s like living the Barbie Dream! These are super comfy! They’re great for my sensitive feet. I wore them out 6+ hours and I didn’t feel that my feet would fall apart. We might purchase a second pair, in a different colour.

Target’s shopper said, “The absolute cutest. Buy them! “My Polly Pocket Dreams come true”

One reviewer said, “I love these shoes!” They are a regular wear for me at my bank job. I would love to see more colors and even neon.