It doesn’t mean you have to believe everything we say. You can see what other reviewers thought about the leggings’ buttery softness.

Let me start by saying that I’m a huge legging fanatic. My sportswear is very important to me. Lululemon and Nike have been expensive for me. I also tried a lot of online brands such as 90 Degree, Tesla and Fabletics. These… They are simply amazing. They’re thin and squat-proof, with a matte finish similar to the Lululemon aligns. Ladies, they have the SEAMS. These have a nice, flat gusset which prevents my camel toe from rubbing and also lays flat so that I don’t feel any pinching in my inner thighs.

I have six of these leggings now. These are my go-to leggings. (Here from Hopescope) Their best feature is their Lululemon-quality for an insanely low price.

These leggings are amazing! They are of a high quality, comparable to Nike/Gymshark. The leggings wash easily and remain in the same shape after months of wear.

I could go on forever about how much these leggings make me feel.

Update: These leggings are still a favorite! They have held up to hot yoga and washes. They are my favorite thing about them.

They are so comfortable and stylish! “I have been searching for the perfect leggings since forever!” In my quest to find an affordable alternative for my Fabletics and Lululemon alignment leggings, I’ve returned and bought countless pairs. They are very similar to Lululemon alignment leggings, so I used them in the photo comparisons. High waisted leggings with a seam at the waist that is too tight are my biggest problem. No matter how fit I may be, my midsection remains squishy from having four children. I don’t care what age I get my legs look like. They are seamless at their top and hit at my middle belly button.

They are high-quality leggings that I was able to tell from the first time. They are soft and buttery, they’re squatproof, and it feels like you have a second layer of skin. They’re also super cute.
Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the leggings. They are a bit too tight at the waist. These are still my favorite leggings, but they’re too big for me.

“I tried so many leggings, but I never found one like this. They were worn by a Target girl, so I approached her to purchase them. These will become my new go-to leggings. These are so comfortable and of high quality. They are SOFTESSSSSST’s best leggings. There is no see-through. It’s very flattering. They remain put.