Jenna Frumes is taking aim at her ex Jason Derulo.

Just a month after the duo—who share son Jason King, 13 months—fueled reconciliation rumors again, Jenna shot down any rumblings about their relationship—or lack thereof. The first thing she did was share a picture of an Instagram comment. It read “You’re married but your child is not a bastard” and that Jenna played the w—e part.

She then defended herself, while making a series of allegations against Derulo. June 30, she stated that “I would not call myself a woman” “It’s unfortunate my situation didn’t work out because we once did aspire to be married but maybe it’s best to be single than to be in a relationship & constantly be disrespected & cheated on and lied to. Or is it better to stay & be quiet so people like you…approve?”

CelebHomes News has reached out to Derulo for comment and has not heard back.