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As much as I love the idea of buying new furniture to give my apartment a nice little upgrade, I don’t love the idea of spending hours trying to figure out which screw goes into where. To be honest, it’s just too easy for me. I don’t think I could be the only one.

But recently, I realized that new furniture wasn’t just a want but a need. The new additions to my collection of pop culture figures had gotten a little out of control, and I needed a place where I could display them all in a way that was organized but wouldn’t take up too much space. I looked everywhere from Target to Wayfair to IKEA. I just couldn’t find that right mix of affordable, cute and low-effort. 

That was until Furinno’s Turn-N-Tube Collection came up on Amazon. I can tell you that their furniture line is affordable and easy to assemble, with no tools. You just need to place the shelf, attach the tubes, and continue doing so until the entire stack is completed. The process is very simple. This can be done in less than five minutes.

The five-tier corner shelf in particular is an Amazon shopper-fave with over 32,700 five-star reviews. The cost is less than $25 and it can be easily moved if necessary. It’s very stable and sturdy at the same time. I’ve never had problems with anything falling. Plus, they look more expensive than they are. 

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