Reviewers’ comments It’s worth a look:

The jersey fabric feels just right, and is not as hot as heavier sweats. They come in numerous colors. They are elastic so you don’t need to fret about how long your hems will be. The side pockets can hold a phone, wallet and keys. It is also stylish enough to wear for grocery shopping without making you look like a bum. Comfortable and generously fitted. There have been no issues with the durability of the stitching or with it coming out loose after many washes.

“I was pleased with the quality and fit of the garments in all colours. I am ordering the maroon color to finish the set.”

This fabric is lightweight and great for warmer climates.

“Considering I am terrible at reviewing, I have to say that I’m very pleased with the product. Anyone looking for decent sweatpants at a reasonable price can highly recommend these pants.

These are the kind of things I would purchase again.

“Nuts are too tight, not the waistband or the ankle band. It is also very lightweight. It is not too heavy or too light. Fabric is both flexible and stiff. The fabric is soft and durable. I purchased more, and plan to buy more. Highly recommended.

They are my favourite pants. I have two pairs! These are great and I have two pairs. Get these for your girls if you are looking for the best fitting sweatpants! These are the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend if you want sweatpants! They are bunched at the ankles, have huge pockets, and the waist is perfect for the ‘slim thick’ look!”