The Morning Show is about to get a lot more dramatic, and that’s saying something. 

Alex Levy gives us an exclusive look at a upcoming episode that will air on Nov. 12.Jennifer Aniston) asks UBA news anchor Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies(Point Blank): “Why don’t ye like me? What did I do?” 

Alex, frustrated, continues: “All that I remember is you were once friends with me and the next day you pretend like you don’t know me.” Laura isn’t sure she remembers it this way. Instead, she says, “Does anyone remember what was going on around that time?”

Alex remembers Laura going through some difficult times, but she said that she felt it was best for Laura to be alone, since they weren’t very close. Alex shares her thoughts with Laura, explaining that she had just moved from New York to be closer to Alex. Laura then responds that “I was successful. That was your only prerequisite.” Ouch