Not only zombies can come back from the grave.

Negan is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) makes a dramatic return and surprises some old friends in this exclusive clip from the March 27 episode of The Walking Dead

Maggie after Maggie walks out (Lauren CohanThe two groups reunited earlier in the season. 

Negan was hiding in Riverbend with AnnieMedina Senghore). Aaron and Maggie (Ross MarquandLydiaCassady McClincyElijah (Okea Eme AkwariAnnie surprise them by telling them to put down their guns as they make their way through one of the units.

However, the most shocking news is Negan’s presence on site.

With guns and knives drawn, he urges everybody to calm down—in a way only Negan could.

“Let’s put our sh-t back in our pants and zip up, shall we?,” he asks.

You are a straight-shooter.

Lydia was shocked to see Negan and asked him “What’s the matter?”

Negan puts his arm around Annie’s neck and responds: “We live here.”