Netflix’s The Witcher is back and the war has just begun. 

On Friday, Oct. 29, the streamer dropped the highly anticipated trailer for season two of the fantasy drama. During a panel at the Lucca Comics & Games Convention in Italy, showrunner Lauren SchmidtCast members Joey Batey(Jaskier). Kim Bodnia (Vesemir) scored big points with fans by dropping the first look for season two, which returns December 17.

The new footage teases plenty of action, including young Ciri (Freya Allan) starting to learn how to be a monster hunter herself all in the midst of great disturbances across the Continent. It appears that there will be a war between the empires of the north and south. Everyone will be at risk and no one will be safe.

Is this the end of days for you? It might not. But there’s definitely some monster bashing in store for the characters—and viewers. Geralt of Rivia will have a difficult start to the season.Henry Cavill), but he doesn’t seem to be worried.