Reynolds interviewed Reynolds just hours after returning from filming. SpiritedBoston. “Full disclosure: I shot till about 3:30 this morning,” he said, “drove till 5:30 or 6; slept for an hour and a half until two of my kids punched me in the face.”

Reynolds lives north of New York City in a rural location with his wife and actress. Blake LivelyTheir three daughters.

Just after wrapping production, it was this month. Spirited, Reynolds announced on Instagram that it was the “perfect time for a little sabbatical from movie making.” He said that being a parent was the reason.

The actor must balance work and family life. Reynolds and Lively’s youngest daughter. Betty, 2, adorably interrupted his interview WSJ. The magazine He said,“Look at this!” as the toddler pushed through the door, telling him, “Hi, Dada.”

According to the outlet, Lively told Reynolds, “She was begging to see you and she’s about to go to bed.”

The actor said, “I’m going put this one to sleep.” “Then, when you put yourself to bed, I will lie awake.”