Where? Russ Faria found his wife Betsy He found her covered in blood, and assumed that she had committed suicide.

Russ wailed as he spoke to a 911 operator, describing the grisly scene he’d come home to. It was clear that Russ’s wife had lost hope of a cure after battling depression and cancer.

But when police arrived at the home in Troy, Mo., they knew there was something sinister was afoot. It was as follows: Jeannette CoopermanIn St. Louis Magazine, investigators found that in addition to having her wrists slashed, Betsy had been nearly decapitated. 

Investigators had difficulty believing that Russ believed Betsy committed suicide at the scene of the crime. They were shocked to discover that the man, who used to sob on the telephone, was calm and composed when they brought him into the office.

Betsy can be Betsy’s friend Pam Hupp had her suspicions about Russ. In her conversations with police, Pam claimed that Russ was abusive to Betsy, saying that she’d been worried something would happen when she dropped her off at home that fateful day. Pam, like all people who have lost loved ones, regretted not doing more to help her friend.