HBO’s The White LotusSeason two will have more stars on the scene.

The network revealed that the following three names were added to its guest list on Thursday, February 10, 2010. Mike White-created dramedy. The new season will see who the OOTO is. According to the announcement Divergent‘s Theo James, Bold Type‘s Meghann FahyAnd FlowersWill SharpeJoin the cast to become series regulars.

Though, James, Fahy and Sharpe aren’t the only new additions, as Leo WoodallIn the new season, he will be appearing in a regular role.

The New White LotusThe guests are welcome to join SopranosStar Michael ImperioliThe first addition was a cast member, namely. Aubrey PlazaSeveral others are available for season 2. It was actually October. VarietyAccording to reports, White LotusStar breakout Jennifer Coolidgewill be back to play wealthy and eccentric Tanya McQuoid.

Season 2 is shaping up to feature an impressive ensemble cast. The previous season featured Coolidge as well. Alexandra Daddario, Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Natasha Rothwell, Jake Lacy, Brittany O’Grady, Sydney SweeneyAnd Steve Zahn.