Max finished his thoughts reflecting upon the death of Tom.

Max observed, “He left us too soon and we will be missing him so much.” The love Tom shared is the reason for today’s heartbreak. He is very grateful for all of the kindnesses he has shown to the people in the world. You can rest easy, buddy.

Kelsey spoke pre-recorded in a eulogy to her husband.

Kelsey said that he met Tom in a club at the age of 19 and asked her to be added on Facebook.

She said, “I told everybody from that moment on, ‘I am going to marry Tom Parker.’

She went on, “We spent a lot of our first years together drinking Mahiki [nightclub]Dry, dancing the whole night, partying in our Battersea apartment, having fun with all kinds of drunken scuffles,

Kelsey acknowledged Tom’s admirable qualities, such as his passion for TV. Dragons’ DenThe enables entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas before a panel of experts.

She stated, “Tom’s energy and creativity was unstoppable.” We all know how much your inventions were important to you, so I’m sure you are devastated that you didn’t make it. Dragons’ Den.”

Concluding her speech, Kelsey said, “You were the best husband I could ever ask for—you did everything with love and no malice.”