The Walking DeadA family member has died.

Moses J. MoseleyShe is most well-known as the one who played Michonne.Danai Gurira() was one of the AMC’s Zombies, and he died at 31. His funeral took place in Atlanta. Tabatha Minchew confirms to CelebHomes News. 

Minchew released a statement saying that Moses was beloved by many and loved his family, friends and fans. He will be greatly missed. “He was the life and soul of our lives, when he was around us, he brought joy to all who were in his presence. He lived a happy, fulfilled life.

Moseley called her “not just a customer but a best buddy,” and she said, “Everyone still is in shock and still trying understand what’s happening.”

It was not possible to determine the cause of death immediately.

He also works on The Walking DeadMoseley has held various roles Watchmen and Queen of South. He was also seen in movies such as Joyful Noise, The Internship and The Southern Fried Zombies are under attack.