6. He also has a musical appreciation for Rihanna. 

In 2020, he shared infographics about meteoroids and comets, using Rihanna’s lyrics as a caption for the spacey post. Declaring that he loves “We Found Love”, he said, “Yellow jewels in 2020 and we’re siiiide

7. He has a passion for Italian cuisine.

His favorite dish is probably pasta. While sharing the difference between the words “noodles” and “pasta” in 2020, Schlossberg revealed how he likes them prepared: “Just with butter, thanks!” 

8. George Washington is his favourite president.

In addition to his grandfather, Schlossberg has expressed his admiration for the first U.S. president.

He tweeted last year that “Today’s George Washington’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!” Born on the 2/11, GW moved his bday from 2/11 to 2/22, in SOLIDARITY, with his countrymen, as they adopted Gregorian Calendar. It required an eleven-day adjustment. Could have been king! Abandoned power and changed his bday. Total beast of a patriot!”

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