The ViewThe seat of long-vacant conservatism has been filled.

The talk-show announced on Aug. 4 that Alyssa Farah GriffinIt is best known as the place where it was born. Donald TrumpAs a permanent host, the former White House communications director will join the show.

Executive producer: “We had promised that we would take some time to fill the seats and have now found the perfect match. Alyssa is a welcomed addition to our show.” Brian TetaIn a statement, she said. She said, “She’s willing to share her political experiences and bring a strong conservative outlook while still being able to hold her own in difficult debates with guests and co-hosts on both sides.”

Alyssa shared a similar opinion in a statement. Noting that “The program paved the path for women speaking out and standing up on TV,” In a country that is often divided along partisan lines, it’s an honor to be able to speak for the conservative viewpoint at a time like this. What is often lost by elected leaders? Learning from them, disagreeing respectfully and working towards real solutions.