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 If you shake your head in disbelief hearing about someone’s 24-step skincare routine, you’re not the only one. We don’t all have the time. Although I make every effort to include peel-off or sheet masks in my daily routine, it can sometimes be a hassle. My hair always ends up with a clay mask.

Some days I succeed with my full skin care routine, while other times, I fail. Even so, I am All about the little luxuries and strive to multi-task whenever I can. This is why I use undereye patches twice daily. Instead of cutting into my regular routine, I just keep them on while I do other things, which is the beauty of those work-from-home, audio-only calls. I am always moisturizing  My focus is always on the task.

My morning routine starts with a wash of my face, followed by applying under-eye gels. I then start work the next day, sipping my morning coffee while they dry. When I’m not working, I have to admit that I’m not the best at winding down and actually resting, but without fail, I put under eye patches on my face every night. I moisturize my undereye area whether I’m working late or watching true crime documentaries.

Under patches are the little bit of luxury, relaxation, and hydration that It is a great way to get hydration. can indulge in twice a day, mess-free. I In love trying out different eye gels. At this point, I’ve tried many of them and I have a lotThere are many opinions. I decided to share my ultimate guide that addresses different prices points and specific skincare concerns.