We need a little bit of Lizzo and some Mo in our lives.

New reality dance competition from Grammy Winner Keep an eye out for Big Grrls debuts on Prime Video March 25. But ahead of the premiere, the Grammy Award–winning artist revealed the emotional reason she created the show: to help diversify the dance world.

Her inspiration came from personal experience. Lizzo searched for dancers as back-up for the upcoming tour in 2019, but couldn’t find anyone who looked like her.

People reported that she said, “I was like I needed dancers.” We had an audition, it was all girls. They were gorgeous dancers, beautiful people but just weren’t like us.

And the moment stuck with her. She continued: “I recall,” she said, adding that it was the moment when she got so emotional and left. Then I drove straight to the little place. I ordered a margarita from the bar and sat down. What do I need to do? “So I thought, “Let’s have an open casting”!”