Taylor, who has been recently spotted in both Los Angeles and London, isn’t the only celebrity who has been criticized for their perceived private jet usage as of late.

Kylie JennerOnline backlash also followed Kylie Cosmetics founder posting an Instagram photo of herself and Travis ScottWith the caption “You wanna make my or mine?”, they stand in front their planes. The @celebjets account published a viral 17-minute flight taken by her private jet. The reality TV star is not known if she was aboard.

Following the release of the Yard report, several of Taylor’s fans took to social media to share their thoughts on her private flights, referencing climate change concerns. 

It is quite shocking. Reddit user: “This is very shocking to me, honestly.” “I love Taylor but this made me reconsider my decision to listen to Taylor’s statements about climate change. “I really believe she can do better.”

Another said, “I love Taylor.” Also, I have strong opinions about celebrity private jet culture. I believe rich people have learned to prioritise their freedom and comfort over our safety. This is morally unacceptable.