Chun stated that Jessica Chastain seemed excited about seeing her across the room. “Kidman reached out with her hands and waved at her with her both arms,” Chun said.

According to the photographer, “Chastain came over to meet Kidman and her husband.” Keith UrbanThe photo was snapped shortly thereafter.

It wasn’t the first occasion Kidman appeared at the Oscars. Video footage from the 2017 Oscars was captured. Nine Perfect Strangers actress clapping during the awards ceremony captured the Internet’s attention, with some people comparing her peculiar applause to a “seal clap.”

Kidman said that she was responsible for the Harry Winston massive diamond ring that she wore on that fateful night. It was hard because it wasn’t my ring, she said. Jackie O and Kyle weeks after viral moment. It was beautiful and I was scared of damaging it.”

Kidman deserves an Oscar Meme Award!