The aftermath

A few days after his son died, Conrad Roy Jr. Conrad was found with his laptop and iPhone passwords in a notebook. Also, what seemed like suicide notes were discovered, according to Conrad’s Aug. 23, 2017 report. Esquire article of the same name by Jesse BarronThat inspired Plainville Girl. Michelle was given one of these songs. It said: “Keep strong even in difficult times.” Listen to our songs and keep your eyes on me. Another read, “Dad, I’m sorry I wasn’t the boy you wanted.”

Michelle was at Conrad’s wake held by the family at Mattapoisett’s funeral parlor on the next week. Per EsquireMichelle sent Conrad’s younger sister an email Camdyn not long after, writing, “Conrad did not kill himself because of bullying like everyone assumes. The real reason is clear to me. Conrad’s sad messages were attached to her.

Michelle then wrote Lynn, according to the magazine on July 25, “I wish things were different but it’s not your fault.”

Writing back to her, Lynn mentioned to Michelle that a detective was involved with the case (under Massachusetts law, all unattended deaths under violent, suspicious or unusual circumstances are supposed to be investigated), and Michelle at one point asked if there was any news. Michelle met her mom in August. Gail Carter also texted Lynn, “I think about you, your family, and Conrad every day. Michelle who loved Conrad like a teenage girl, also breaks my heart.