You never knew that cake could cause an existential crisis.

The trailer What is the Best Cake Recipe?, which CelebHomes News has exclusively debuted, bakers are asked to craft confections that look identical to everyday items in order to trick a panel of celebrity judges. We will be seeing the show on Netflix starting March 18.

Hosting by Saturday Night Live‘s Mikey DayThe show can be a win-win for everyone! 

CelebHomes News exclusively revealed that he was thrilled to have been a part in such an exciting and cool show. “Plus, my love of cake means that I bargained to take all the leftovers home instead of being paid with money I’d have used to purchase cake.”

This show includes appearances by A-list guests judges, Karamo Brown, Heidi Gardner, Loni Love Bobby Moynihan.

The new footage shows contestants who dazzle with their cakes made to resemble hamburgers, red party cups, rubber ducks and piñatas. Finalists for the grand prize of $50,000 will be the three best bakers.

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of sugar and eggs.