It could even be called the trailer The cat’s meow

Joe Exotic Carole Baskin are back and like you’ve never seen them before. On Jan. 31, Peacock released the trailer for its new original series,JOE vs. CAROLE. Drama created by Etan FrankelStaring John Cameron Mitchell Kate McKinnon, is based on the Wondery podcast Joe Exotic: Tiger KingReporting by. Robert Moor.

“Does Joseph Maldonado Passage have any meaning to you?” a detective asks Baskin (McKinnon) in the trailer. 

She replies, “He’s a psychopath who wants me to die.” 

She continues the video by explaining that she feels like she was sent on earth to save cats. Joe Exotic is a documented animal abuser. We’re coming after you.” 

With lots of tigers, firearms and Baskin’s iconic flower crown, the trailer shows the rivalry between Exotic and Baskin and their fight to take each other down.