Seems like playing the First Lady on TV was more than enough for these actresses.

Viola Davis, Michelle PfeifferAnd Gillian AndersonCelebHomes News revealed whether or not they were interested in the role. Francesca Amiker at The First LadyThe red carpet for April 14.

Pfeiffer who is First Lady said “Not interested”. Betty FordIn the Showtime series. “President, maybe.”

The Oscar nominated actress was nevertheless excited to share her excitement with viewers about Ford’s “how fascinating”.

Pfeiffer explained that Pfeiffer ran a White House command centre to lobby the government for the Equal Rights Amendment. “She also discussed a number of hot-button topics that weren’t being talked about,” Pfeiffer stated. “Breast cancer—it was shameful to talk about things, and so she saved a lot of lives.”

As the legendary First Lady of America, I was able to live in the shoes she wore as a woman. Eleanor RooseveltAnderson is not interested in the White House anytime soon and responded to Amiker with “Hell no”.