“These youths will be the death of me,” is a real statement this CelebHomes News’ TV editor uttered while tuning into the Feb. 13 showing of Euphoria.

Rue was featured in the latest HBO Teen Drama episode.ZendayaCassie was suffering from a severe bout of withdrawal.Sydney SweeneyNate and a wine opener attempt to cut her wrists.Jacob Elordi) traumatizing Maddy (Alexa Demie) with a manipulative game of Russian roulette. All of this happened in one episode.

It’s not surprising that the actors are now sharing their experiences filming this season of TV. First, a cover article for The Cut, Zendaya straight-up called her character reaching rock bottom “f–ing brutal.”

We can accept this description as fact, with last week’s episode showing Rue busting down a door, running through traffic and repeatedly being stabbed with a morphine needle. She said that she can usually shake off the difficult part. There are times when you feel like it is real. Your body can take on anxiety and anger even though your brain may not know it.