After the allegations made against former cast members Jerry HarrisThe Navarro College Cheer Team is on its way to the top.
Netflix’s season two trailer CheerIn the trailer, released Tuesday Dec. 28, the cheerleading team briefly addresses the accusations against Harris, the series’ star. This trailer is more than one year since Harris (21), was accused of producing child pornography.

In December 2020, federal prosecutors added seven more charges against him for sex offences allegedly injuring five minors. He pleaded not guilty to these additional charges three months later. He has remained behind bars in Chicago since his arrest in September, while his criminal case is pending. He could be sentenced to between 15 and 30 years if he is convicted. 
The coach of the team said, “It’s certainly the most difficult season I have ever had.” Monica AldamaIn the trailer, he says. It’s so overwhelming that I can’t process it all right now. A cast member adds, “Everyone just felt lost.”