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You’ve likely seen influencers or it-girls on Instagram wearing Parade clothing. The fashion-forward underwear, bras and apparel that Parade is promoting are truly dominating our Instagram feeds. And the best part? They are sustainable and size-inclusive. Parade uses only the finest recycled yarns.

Parade bras were reviewed by one reviewer who said: “I hate bras. I have never enjoyed buying new bras. They all feel the same and uncomfortable!” However, this year, I made a decision to end my hatred of bras. Instead, I found some that I love and I feel amazing. This bra is it! This bra is amazing! It’s so comfortable that it doesn’t even move. Parade offers the best support, so I would recommend Parade to anyone looking for a smooth and lightweight bra. A second reviewer said that her confidence is up and Parade has helped “get bodies, butts and boobs.” 

Parade’s new collection “Lush Rib” just released. It features flattering, ribbed designs and beautiful new colors. Even Euphoria star Chloe Cherry is on board. In Parade’s Racer Back Tank, she recently posted an Instagram photo.

Below are new Parade styles, fan faves and it-girls’ favorite looks!