Emma RobertsShe is 31 and enjoying fun with aunt Julia Roberts.

Julia made a special gesture for her niece, February 10, when she gave a glimpse of their funny jokester relationship through a slow motion video. Julia honored her niece on February 10, by giving a rare glimpse into their jokester dynamic with a slow motion video. HomecomingStar posted an Instagram video in which Julia (the sister of her brother) and Emma (the girl of his brother), were seen together. EricThe two actresses (pictured above) stare intently into the camera as they use party blowers while staring at each other. These two actors are dressed in party crowns and party caps to create the right mood.

 The comical celebration video concludes with a mysterious hand throwing confetti, before Julia and Emma crack a smile. Julia wrote: “Happy Birthday Magical One!” You are my best friend. #waitforit.”

Although this video could have been a throwback clip, it still celebrates the spirit of celebration. 

Emma’s mother, Kelly CunninghamAlso, she posted an adorable Instagram album with Emma’s baby pictures on February 10. Kelly wrote, “Happy birthday my love. You are a force to reckon with.” You are always ready for adventure and a challenge.