One best-selling book about seven husbands NowA feature movie!  
CelebHomes News was informed by Netflix on March 24 that a Netflix adaptation had been approved. Taylor Jenkens ReidA 2017 thriller that is addictive The Seven Husbands and Wives of Evelyn HugoIt is currently in development.
The streaming giant has an official synopsis that reads: “Reclusive Hollywood Legend Evelyn Hugo selects Monique Grant as her reporter to share her story. Evelyn recounts her time in the Golden Age of Hollywood, her rise to fame, and her seven marriages—revealing stunning secrets and lies. One question remains though: “Why has she chosen Monique to be her last confession?”
Liz TigelaarShe is well-known for her work with Hulu There are little fires everywhereHe is set to direct the movie. Meanwhile, Margaret CherninTaylor will serve as the executive producer.
It is part of Netflix’s ongoing creative partnership. Liza Chasin3Dot Productions. Liza and 3Dot Productions will produce the film. Brad MendelsohnCircle of Confusion