The Righteous GemstonesThe number of people who have gotten married has increased.

Following a lengthy wait, the HBO series is returning for its sophomore season on Sunday, Jan. 9. Danny McBride, John GoodmanEdi Patterson And Adam DeVine return as the ethically questionable televangelist family in their quest to bring glory to god.

They’ll be joined by returning new cast members, including Eric AndréEric Roberts and Jason Schwartzman

But what’s happened between 2019’s season one and now? First, Judy (Patterson), and BJ [????]Tim BalzPrince Eric performed the wedding ceremony at Disney World instead of Dr. Gemstone, which was officiated by Goodman. 

While Judy is all about making BJ an accepted member of the Gemstones, Patterson, who plays her—and who has also written for the show—told CelebHomes News in an exclusive interview that her “dad and/or her brothers had pissed her off or hurt her feelings.” So, in retaliation, Judy and BJ eloped at the Happiest Place on Earth: “They were probably somewhere near Disney World—or not. They’ve got jets. It was probably a split second decision based on a perceived fight she’d had with her family.

Though viewers didn’t get to witness their nuptials, Patterson painted a picture of the big day, saying there were probably multiple costume changes for the bride and groom.