Take the gun and the cannoli, then settle in a chair: There’s a trailer for you to see.

Paramount+ has released the teaser trailer for its forthcoming series on February 1, This is the OfferThe film’s making is explored in the documentary titled The Godfather. The series of 10 episodes, which stars Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Juno Temple, Giovanni Ribisi, Dan FoglerAnd Colin HanksThe premiere of, April 28, features the first three episodes. Additional episodes will stream every Thursday. 

“Look, we wanna make a movie,” Albert S. Ruddy (Teller), the Canadian film producer who spearheaded the GodfatherThe clip features the words of trilogy 

“This isn’t just a film about gangsters,” he says. It’s a story about families. This is Shakespeare’s epic.

The Godfather, despite being one of cinema’s greatest movies, is not always in the bright future, as the series continues to show. In the trailer, it is noted that Frank SinatraThe agencies refused to allow the image to be taken down, and Ruddy wanted it to remain there. Ruddy assures that he will handle the situation if he says so. 

Robert Evans (Goode), offers some guidance. You’ve got brains, and you have balls. You can use both.