Throughout history, coffee, tea, and energy drinks have been a staple of pep and energy when you are low on both. The main proponent that provides this is caffeine. Caffeine also provides an increase in alertness, elevates mood, and gives aerobic endurance to take on the day. Although it provides these benefits, there are some adverse effects like lack of sleep, poor heart health, and even a risk of dementia in later years. 

Moreover, 10% of long-time consumers of caffeine have metabolized it so quickly that they don’t feel any benefits when drinking it. Also, there is something about caffeine that people don’t want to admit, yet it is true nonetheless: Caffeine provides energy, but not focus. The brain needs both energy and focus to cognitively function. 

To fulfill both these elements, wellness company BioLiftFocus, came up with a formula that they claim is the “next-generation cognitive ingredient.” Introducing the WakeUp Formula, a science-backed way to bring both focus and energy to our brains. 

The components of the formula are natural and tailored to help your body become the best version of itself. Some noted ingredients are green tea to promote blood circulation, elderberries for antioxidants, and guarana to stimulate mental and physical function. The best part is that it only has 10 mg of caffeine (similar to decaf coffee). This formula has also been coined as the first patented brand specially formulated to work with our body’s biological clock to achieve alertness and concentration throughout the day.

Surprisingly, while WakeUp only contains 10 mg of caffeine, it has been proven to provide more vigilance than caffeine. Based on the science of chronobiology, WakeUp’s clinically proven, patented, botanical formula works with your body’s natural rhythm to achieve sharper focus and improved performance within minutes – without the drawbacks of caffeine. Another benefit to mention about 

WakeUp’s formula is that it integrates perfectly with beverages, bars, cereals, dairy products, supplements, and many more! This plant-based formula may be the future of daily nutrition.

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