We get it, SuccessionSeason three could be the most brutal and hilarious yet.

This HBO series is halfway through its third season and the Roys keep throwing insults at each other. If you haven’t already, here is the chapter. SuccessionKendall, Kendall’s sonJeremy StrongLogan, father LoganBrian Cox) once again at each other’s throats.

This civil war came about thanks to Kendall’s double-crossing decision at the end of season two, where he exposed his father for knowing about misconduct and other wrongdoings in the company. Logan wanted Kendall to “f-k off”, but Kendall refuses, which opens up many opportunities for family fighting.

For instance, in episode four, “Lion in the Meadow,” Kendall and Logan are forced to reunite to appease a panicked shareholder, played by the brilliant Adrien Brody. During a hike with the warmly-dressed shareholder, Logan has a health crisis, but Kendall only seems focused on talking about business.