Like Miranda, in the season 3 scene, I was frustrated once by my friend’s backsliding and toxic ex. There had been many years of dysfunctional behavior, and it was just too much for me to hear anymore. It was a topsy-turvy affair that had left me unable to ignore the warning signs.

And, as if I were channeling the red-headed lawyer herself, I presented my argument ferociously and loudly—much to the disdain of my friend. In retrospect, it was a mistake to keep my views to myself. My friend should have been able experience her own romance journey. But, in retrospect, I believed I was just being loyal by showing her tough love.

Miranda was the revelation that changed my view of this harshly criticised character. Miranda may not be perfect but she is a pitbull for her friends. She’s quick-witted and forward-thinking, unapologetically herself.