For music lovers, Friday’s with new music are an exciting and daunting experience. 

The weekly holiday is where fans-favorite and fresh faces share their new offerings, flooding digital retailers and streaming services with audio goodies. It’s hard to find the time to listen and update playlists. It’s all just too good! There are also, to be honest, some stinkers.

We do, as it turns out. Welcome to The MixtapCelebHomes

Queens supporting queens is the best!  

April 11, 2009 Megan Thee Stallion Dua Lipa got all of us talking when they released their highly anticipated collaboration, “Sweetest Pie.” 

Megan said, “Dua’s so chill!” Zane LoweApple Music 1 Apple Music 1. Anything she didn’t love, was so easy to tweak or fix. We liked almost everything. It was so easy and that I loved about her.