CyclopsNext, he took the stage and performed Creed‘s “My Sacrifice.” He was a representative of Team Bad and referred to himself as “villain”. The judges were unable to pin him down. Jenny guess. Cobra KaiStar William ZabkaNicole guesses actor Danny McBride.

With the dramatic ending came another thrilling evening. FireflyTeam Good representative – had to stop during her performance when she became choking in the headpiece. She was taken backstage by medics who rushed to her aid. As a professional she was, she came back later to perform a different version of Chaka Khan‘s “Ain’t Nobody.” She was a stunner and the judges were impressed by her singing abilities. Ken favored Alicia Keys while Jenny guessed that it was either of the two singers MonicaComedian or actor Aisha Tyler.

Finally, Ramsang The Cheapest TrickTeam Bad’s rendition of “I Want You To Want Me”, He was a football legend, according to all three of his judges. Jenny claimed that he was a reminiscence of the University of Michigan’s head coach Jim Harbaugh. Robin speculated that he might be a Hall of Famer in the NFL. Peyton ManningKen predicted recent Super Bowl winners, Matthew Stafford.

McTerrier got the job done when all was said and done. 

When his headpiece came off—for the second time!—the pup was revealed to be pastry chef and Food Network star Duff GoldmanHe rolled on the ground as a dog and accepted his fate.

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