You must keep going.

It is clear. ArmadilloThe April 6, episode of The Masked Singer. Exclusive Sneak Peek of Episode: Guest panelist Nicole Byer gave the costumed contestant a shout-out for powering through after an onstage fall.

“Wow, the energy is amazing,” said the You can get it!Preview: Host says. “When you fell, I was like: ‘Oh! There he goes!

Byer says she was delighted that the participant in the masquerade “just got right up.” Byer adds that she was not like “Help!” I’m hurt.’ “

And, as Armadillo reveals, he almost did just that, but host Nick CannonHe was motivated by his encouragement to keep going.

As for who is underneath the Armadillo costume? This is still unknown.

We are still here! Do know the Team Good contestant is a fan of classics, tackling “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny RiversThe March 30th episode.