Peter eventually proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss—Hannah tells us that before the ABC premiere of his second season, he phoned her to let her know he had doubts.And still had feelings for runner-up Madison Prewett.

Hannah saw Peter personally in February 2020 when his season was still on-air. Hannah GodwinAnd Dylan Barbour‘s engagement party. To avoid being too public, he sent her a text when he was driving outside and said he would take her home. He told her that he had called off his relationship with Hannah Ann, and that he was trying to reunite with Madison.

He had a flight in the morning, so he invited her to come back to his (and his parents’) house while he packed. His mother offered her Peter’s brother’s room for the night, a scenario Hannah found “all so weird.” Peter texted Hannah, “Come cuddle” and the two ended up having sex.

Hannah says, “And it was not good. He was wearing his uniform when she woke up in the morning, probably not because of that. He said to her that he needed to leave but that his father was eager to meet her. Peter was still present downstairs when she returned and offered to pay $100 to get an Uber. While she waited for the ride, Peter offered her $100 and she accepted.

He texted her that night, thanking her for her support. She wrote that she felt terrible, and he replied that maybe they shouldn’t have played with that fire again.

In the future, he became too casual to her liking and started speaking about Madison’s feelings.

(Peter confirmed the crux of this revelation, saying on the The City’s Bachelors podcast: We spent the night together and that was all. This was my last chance to see her. He stated, “It was not the same feeling that we were used to.” But, nonetheless, it was great to talk and just have someone that kind of understood where I was coming from.”)