Alexis AllenThe band would like to thank their fans for supporting them during difficult times.

This weekend the wife and husband of country music legend, Johnny Cash will be in Nashville. Jimmie AllenThe couple took to Instagram and revealed that their 5-week-old twins were born. Zara and 20-month-old NaomiBoth are currently battling unknown illnesses and they both have a history of illness. CelebHomes News reached the reps of both stars for comments.

In an Instagram Story shared on Nov. 22, the 25-years-old mother of two captioned the picture of their youngest baby being breastfed. Alexis said, “Turned aside by hospital yesterday AM ambulance at 2AM.” The bottom line is that if your child doesn’t look blue, then they won’t have any answers. “Those were my 24 hours.
“Not one doctor has taken the time to actually listen and make sure she’s really okay – 10 min in and outs,” she continued. Alexis, a registered nurse, added that “what this nurse mama sees/hears is frightening.”