It is…her name now.

Chrishell Stause‘s 2019 film The Staged KillerThe actress was released recently on several streaming sites, and there were lots of promotional materials. The thing is, they credited the actress by her former married name, Chrishell HartleyOn Jan. 2, and again on January 3, The Sunset Selling star, who split with ex Justin Hartley in November 2019, made light of the situation on Instagram.

Before sharing a promo for the film, Chrishell, 40, edited her last name to Stause. As she explained to fans, “My last name was different when I filmed this so I just fixed it myself. Too late for me to repair old promo materials, or the way I was credited on the film. It was all good!

Netflix Star Chrishell noted that being named Chrishell had its advantages, as it doesn’t mean you will be mixed up with anyone else named Chrishell.

Chrishell explained to her 2.92 million Instagram followers that she didn’t know the movie existed on YouTube or Peacock. “Apparently it’s all over,” she chuckled. It’s amazing that people are paying attention to it. We are grateful.