When did Priscilla presley first move to Graceland

Priscilla spent Christmas of 1962 at Graceland, and when she went back to Germany, she told her mother that Elvis wanted her to move to Memphis to finish high school. 

Elvis said that Priscilla was able to live with her father and stepmother.

“Declaring his intentions honorable, he swore that he loved and needed and respected me,” Priscilla told People. He said that he could not live without me and promised to marry one day. My parents couldn’t help but agree to this, which they eventually did.

Vernon did indeed move in with Priscilla. Dee PresleyTechnically, although she went to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral high school for girls in Memphis, and spent so many hours at Graceland, she wasn’t living. There are.

“People have said to me that they couldn’t believe you let your parents take this stranger with you,” Priscilla shared. Good Morning America 2017 In 2017. He was very nice to me. It was a feeling that I felt secure. We cannot compare this to the present. There were still high standards and morals. It was very careful.”

But Elvis was also making multiple movies a year, all with beautiful leading ladies, and even if he wasn’t having as many flings with his co-stars as rumor would have it, he also wasn’t living the life of a man who was spoken for.